Nikhil Damodaran

From 2018, LSU Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

Assistant Professor of Economics
School of Government and Public Policy
O. P. Jindal Global University

Office: Cabin 6, T4 Academic Block,
OP Jindal Global University, Haryana, India.

I find governments fascinating. I use formal macroeconomic models to understand the implications of their actions on economic agents. I study sub-national governments more than national governments because the disaggregated picture looks way more interesting. I love placing these questions in their appropriate history and context.

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Consumer Payment Choice and the Heterogeneous Impact of India's Demonetization
with Ayushi Bajaj
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2022

Fiscal Policy and Transmission: The Case of India's States
Paper Slides [TBA: April 2023]

Is ChatGPT Smarter than a Student in Principles of Economics?
with Wayne Geerling, G Dirk Mateer and Jadrian Wooten
SSRN Version Working Projects

Trade Transmission of Fiscal Policies in a Currency Union
Fiscal Policy, Farm Bills and the Intra-US Agrilcutral Trade


Teaching statement

Courses Instructed

Econometrics II - Spring 2021, Spring 2022
Open Economy Macroeconomics (PG course) - Fall 2021
Macroeconomics II - Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Fall 2021
Statistics II - Spring 2020, Spring 2021
Mathematical Methods for Economics I- Fall 2019, Fall 2020
Macroeconomics I - Fall 2018
International Trade - Spring 2019 and Fall 2018
Agricultural Price Analysis, Spring 2017

Courses Assisted

Principles of Economics, Spring 2015
EC 13: Econometric Methods I, Spring 2015
Principles of Macroeconomics, Spring 2014

General Writing

A little bit of theory for everyone, check out my substack, Jan 2023.
The Need for public in public policy, The Indian Express, 23 March 2021.
Inflation tax and the Burden of Public Debt , The New Indian Express, 18 March 2021
Who pays for the wall? Farm Protests and the Budget, Indian Express, 17 February 2021.
Why is the government pushing farm laws despite so much protest?, The Pioneer, 11 February 2021
On Domestic currency denominated local government bonds, with (Shraavan Varma and Aarjav Nair), The New Indian Express, 7 February 2021
On the need for unconventional monetary policy to help local governments, Indian Express, 24 April 2020
Macroeconomic effects of the reverse migration due to COVID lockdown in India, Indian Express, 12 April 2020